Welcome on IAMAIR (IAI)! We are a specialized agency for cultural mediation and art performance based in the Netherlands. IAI’s focus is to discover new ways of engaging, behaving, and interacting within cultural institutions through immersive social experiences. Our approach brings together diverse groups of people, including artists, performers, cultural mediators, and audiences, in the co-creation of interactive performances mixing fiction, reality and serendipity.

All members of the IAMAIR project are AUDIENCES represented by the agency. Together, we create and perform different roles and actions, tailored to the institutions’ needs. Not only are our performances designed to generate interaction, they also create space for new narratives and new dynamics between audiences and institutions. By staging behaviors, meanings, and discourses that challenge traditional assumptions, we encourage critical reflection on our relationships with art, society, and institutions.

Everybody can take part in IAMAIR, regardless of background, education, age, appearance, or beliefs. To be represented as part of our AUDIENCES, all you need to do is create a profile. Participating is free and requires no prior experience or talent.

Our services are available to all institutions, museums, galleries, events, art fairs, etc. regardless of your budget size. A first meeting with our mediator is free. All you need to do is invite audiences and fill in the form, we will contact you asap.

Please note that this agency is an artistic research in progress. Improvements and changes are in development, and we are currently working on a new version of this website. The coming time will be focused on the creation of a pilot performance-tour, and we are looking for partners that would like to join in the project. Help us improve by sending questions, feedback, and comments to contact@iamair.nl. You can also ask questions directly in the FAQ space at the bottom of the page.



Are you looking for fresh and innovative ways to engage visitors and increase diversity? Do you value active participation, and do you want to foster connections with a wide range of communities and perspectives? Are you willing to contribute to a new and unique art concept? IAMAIR is there for you!

Our mission is to rekindle the connections between your institution and its audiences by helping you create a vibrant and dynamic environment that attracts and retains a diverse range of visitors. With a diverse group of participants, including audiences, actors, performers and mediators, we co-create interactive performances designed to meet your institution's specific goals.

Whether you want to highlight a classic painting exhibition or generate debate during a contemporary art opening, we adapt to small and large budgets to ensure that our performances are tailored to deliver an interactive and unforgettable experience for your visitors.

Are you ready to join the adventure? Don’t hesitate anymore and invite audiences! Fill in the form to let us know more about your institution and its needs, or contact us at contact@iamair.nl for more information. We will reach out as soon as we hear from you.


Are you ready to experience art and culture in a new and exciting way ? Are you willing to connect with diverse communities and perspectives? Do you want to contribute your unique voice to a collective art project that challenges conventional boundaries? Then IAMAIR is the place for you!

No matter your background, education, age, appearance, or beliefs, IAMAIR welcomes you to join our community of audiences, cultural mediators, artists, and performers. It's free and requires no prior experience or talent. By creating a profile, you'll stay informed and have the opportunity to be invited to collaborate on a collective art project.

From start to finish, you'll work alongside other participants to create an immersive art performance for a cultural institution. Don't worry if you don't have any prior experience or talent in the arts - our cultural mediators will guide you every step of the way. All you need to do is be who you are, and share your own stories and perspectives to contribute to the collective artwork.

But that's not all - we believe in rewarding our participants for their hard work and dedication. Depending on each project, you may have access to exciting privileges and financial compensation.

Ready? Create a profile now, and be part of an inclusive and creative community that is changing the way we experience institutions!



Here is a step-by-step approach to working with IAMAIR:

A. Contact and consent

  1. Interested in working together? Contact us via email or invite audiences and fill out the form.
  2. Let's meet and talk about your institution's goals and what we can do for you.
  3. Once we agree on the project's scope and objectives, we'll move forward.

B. Creation phase

  1. During this phase, we'll keep you informed as the project evolves.
  2. We'll do field research to prepare our co-creative workshops.
  3. We'll launch a call for participation to audiences and gather a group.
  4. We'll organize three workshops and two rehearsals to produce the performance.
  5. You're welcome to observe our rehearsals and provide feedback.

C. Performances phase

  1. You'll communicate the performance to your audiences, and we'll do the same.
  2. We'll perform the piece as many times as agreed upon in phase A.
  3. After the performance, we'll gather feedback from visitors and stakeholders.
  4. We'll debrief to discuss the performance's impact on your audiences and your team.


  1. Create a profile on IAMAIR's website to join our community of audiences and stay up to date.

  2. Check your email regularly to see if you've been invited to participate.

  3. When you're invited and want to participate, we will plan our common availabilities for the co-creative sessions.

  4. Choose whether to participate in the creation of the performance, have a specific role in it, or both.

  5. Be present during the co-creative sessions, the rehearsals, and the performance.